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You Can’t Kill A Man When He’s Already Dead


Song composed and preformed by Victor S. Uriz II


                                                           You Can’t Kill A Man, When He’s Already Dead

Pinueta’s a village in a Mexican Valley 

Across the river from the Federalizes

Where the rain does not fall and that land it is dry
And the crops do not grow and the farmers they cry

The Gringos they come with their money and cars
and bargain with peasants while they smoke their cigars

Acedro says someday I’ll swim that big river
And send back the money to my mother and sisters

His father he died when he was still small
The smell of Tequila is all he recalls

When he asked his mother all she said
Is you can’t kill a man when he’s already dead

Vocal Improv

Well, all he took was the shirt on his back
The river was swift and the night it was black

The search lights they turned the land to a stage
Where the actors are strong and the performance is brave

Acedro was caught and put behind bars
The nights they pass slow when you can’t see the stars

Something it broke, deep down inside
The shame he felt he could not hide

When the news found his mother all she said
Is you can’t kill a man when he’s already dead

Vocal Improv

The Coming Frost



Fire up that stogie and come sit down here next to me by the bonfire and I’ll tell ya a-lil story.  Now, pay no mind to them bullfrogs moaning down there by the river, just settle on in and have a pull off my bottle of Thunderbird.  Cause mister, if you ain’t got sompin burnin deep down in your belly, then this here story might up and leave ya all goose bumpy and squinty eyed.  Ya can have yourself one quick swig, but don’t get all cuddly with-er neither.

Disclaimer-this piece has a two beer minimum.  Don’t attempt to listen to this spoken word project until you’ve consumed at least two or more beers.  It won’t make a lick of sense to those sober, rational and/or conventional.  

This piece was co-written with Robert Finley, AKA Jhango.   He was my best drinking buddy, pool shooting pal, fellow night wanderer, purveyor of words and rhythms, a hell-ov-ah guitarist, and most importantly, a gifted teller of tales………we once shared a common key whole view to this crazy world…..

Yeah man, way back then we held the keys to the kingdom——-