Soundtrack “Jesus To A Child” by George Michael

And so we give up on dreams—-and sometimes even on love—-just one trifling morsel at a time.  We trade them away for security, so as to not appear the fool, to be accepted, to fit in.  Love is not being accepted, nor is life about fitting in—no, it’s being drenched in petrel and then set afire.

As far as anyone knows, we are only given this one life—and that’s what makes it precious—–we are all perishable—- one moment at a time—- Keep this in mind, as I implore you to ignite your dreams and to set a hopeless love ablaze. Do this before it’s to late, do this before they suffocate beneath civil manners and polite obligations. Make no mistake, nothing is forever. There is no one here to protect us, but maybe the threadbare scraps of secondhand truths. I pray for faith,—-such a sublime oxymoron.

Oh my god, where does hope go, inspiration withers with age and now we find ourselves, no longer so very brave.