A Song For Haley

A song written for my daughter.

She walks in the woods alone

She puts her thoughts down in a poem

Prayer flags and dolls upon her shelf

She’s original, holding true to herself

This world will never break her

She sings along with James Taylor

She dances, alone in her room

She tells her secrets, to the midnight moon

Fathers and daughters

A bond like no other

Believe me brother

I’ll always love her

Puts her make up on in the dark

Blind secrets, hidden in an innocent heart

Her smile makes my world brighter

Her openness sets the darkness on fire

She’s strong and she’s true

She seeks no approval, from me or you

A mystery in the blood we share

In her eyes, like a mirror I stare

Fathers and daughters

A bond like no other

Believe me brother

I’ll always love her

Where I’m Going

When I wrote this tune I had the feeling that this is the kind of music you might hear as you stroll up to an old porch in the Appalachian Mountains.  And there would sit several fellas sipping on some moonshine and singing about death and glory of god. The song could use a fiddle, banjo and mandolin, but an acoustic guitar and vocal is fine too.  Dance like you’re handling a poisonous serpent in one hand and shaking a tambourine in the other—–Hallelujah!!!!!!!


Tales from the Zen Cowboy

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This eclectic batch of original tunes were inspired by a mash up of styles including John Prine, Jackson Browne, Roger Miller and Bonnie Raitt.  These songs walk that tight rope between the sacred and the profane

I write songs, stories and tales about good love, bad love, no love at all, regrets, redemption, humor, hometowns, drinking, old memories, god, the devil, what was, what might have been and what is. Such is the perils of being human in an often less than human world. I hope you find a thread of yourself within this collage of words and music.

My job as a writer is complete if I can make you feel less alone and more comfortable in your own skin. We’re all weird, some of us just hide it better than others. My style of music will take you to places where being different is a badge of honor.


The CD or music download is available at Amazon.com, iTunes and cdbaby.com.