We All Need Love

Love and fear
Tangled again
Love like a home
We want to live in

Faith and courage
Shadows I’ve been chasing
I’m getting older
No time, to be wasting

It’s a hard life
Lessons I’ve been learning
All my mistakes
Silently burning

No matter what anyone says
We all need love
To whatever god you’re praying
Be kind to one another—-is all I’m saying

Happy endings
Ashes and sin
What we wish for 
Isn’t always what we’re given

Every days a dream
I’m letting go
Of being somebody
I no longer know

Brush strokes on a canvas
Water colors bleeding
A thousand winding roads
Back to me, they’re all leading

No matter what anyone says
We all need love
To whatever god you’re praying
Be Good to one another—-is all I’m saying

God And The Coronavirus

You’ve been asking for it, so I’m going to give it to you.  Call it Karma, universal reciprocity, poetic justice, what goes around comes around———So, here ya go sucker; you ought to have been more careful with what you asked for, because now you’re getting it! So much, for your dime store prayers.

Look at what you’ve done to one another. You’ve let your anger, hatred and bad intentions rule your actions. You’re extremely adept at finding reasons to justify hurting, wounding, maiming and killing one another.  I don’t know if it’s your anger, fear or ignorance that’s made you become so unkind and dispassionate towards one another. Deep down in your psyche you despise those different than you. You’ve turned your world into an “us against them proposition”——simplifying everything down to the self righteous creed, “We’re right—–you’re wrong”. When others think, look, act or believe in things different than you, then you are against them. You’ve defined those from a different country than yours as being “aliens”. Even though it’s just an arbitrary line drawn on a map separating “you” from “them”. You declare, “This is our country not your’s!” If someone worships a different god than you, then you call them a heathen. You define those that speak a different language, or march beneath a different flag, or have a different color skin as being inferior. You demand that they subjugate to your superiority. So much for wars and your prayers for victory over others.

You’re an ungrateful bunch of hooligans. You’ve fouled the air and polluted the oceans, turning your beautiful blue planet into a dying cesspool.  The animals I’d given you dominion over you’ve abused and mistreated. It’s no wonder you’ve been evicted from the garden of Eden.   So much, for your stewardship over nature.  

I’ve watched you drop bombs on each other, gas one another, incinerate one another, slaughter one another, kill each other in senseless and endless wars. In the streets you’ve robbed, raped, beat, shot, strangled, kidnapped and murdered one another. When I created you I had such great hopes for your kind. But your god has become greed, addiction, lust, jealousy, fear, hate, anger, power, materialism, self righteousness and self centeredness. And so much, for breaking my heart.

Turn on your big screen TV’s and watch the the 24 hour news cycle as a pretty newscaster blandly reports that days dose of carnage and cruel brutality. When will it ever end?  Insanity has become normalcy. Violence has replaced civility. Power has been substituted for empathy. Complacency and apathy has replaced compassion. Turn your fucking TV off, stop the madness, it’s poisoning your soul.

As I originally said, you’ve been asking for it, so as your creator I’m giving it to you. I’m bestowing upon your crazy ass race of people the Corona Virus. You’ve chosen to put wedges between one another, so I’ll make where you can no longer touch one another without fear of dying. You’ll no longer be able to breathe the same air in the fear that you might become infected. Hand shakes, hugs and togetherness will be outlawed. You’ll need to keep a distance between you and all other humans. Kissing will be banned. Because you’ve chosen angry words and sneers over cooperations and unity, you’ll now be forced to wear a mask to cover your spiteful mouths. Where there once was love there will now be loneliness, where there once was unity there will be solitude and where there once was hope there will only be despair. Between your rage and fear of self and others, there lies opportunity——opportunities to either nudge the human race towards good or evil.

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was no longer good. And on the eighth day God shook his head and let out a sigh as he muttered, “Back to the drawing board, back to the drawing board.” And so much, for the human race……..

A Freak Like Me

Around her neck, she wore a silver chain and a locket
Then laughed and showed me, a rainbow hidden in her pocket

She said such strange things, you see
Cause she’s a poet, dreamer, she’s a freak like me

Long walks conversations in the dark
All about those friends and lovers, who left thorns in our hearts

With you, I share my secrets and my shame
And for me, I know you did the same

There’s no more me, there’s no more you
Now there’s just one, where there once was two

Is this how friends, learn to trust
Is this what makes lovers, give into lust

Word warriors, spilling ink and blood
Troubadour singing sad songs, sad songs of love

Soul soldier, silent defender
Now all my prayers and letters, returned to sender

Whispered these things, to my mystic girl
And for a moment, we shared a hidden world

There’s no me, there’s no more you
Now there’s just one, where there once was two

Letter To A Friend



Soundtrack, “Fountain Of Sorrow” by Jackson Browne


I can still remember the day I met you some forty years ago…..although it doesn’t seem that long ago?  I was walking in the quad area when I noticed this kid sitting on the lawn with his legs lazily stretched out. You were leaning back with your elbows keeping you propped up. You sat right there by the senior walk appearing not to give a shit about convention or conformity.  I liked that right off the bat.  Somehow I knew we were destine to be the best of friends.

You were wearing one of those T shirts with a single breast pocket. There was brown clay from ceramic’s class clinging to your well worn Levi’s. Later, your pants of choice would be a pair of tan Dickies. On your feet were a pair of white slip on tennis shoes. Your long brownish hair was pulled back into a scruffy ponytail and you sported a formative mustache—-not bad for a fifteen your old kid. You lounged calmly as the bells were ringing and kids hurriedly came and went——-you were you, just being you, no excuses or regrets.  I was attracted to your nonchalant coolness. I told myself “I got to meet this dude”.

So, I walked up to you and mumbled “Hi”. You tilted your head back while squinting up into the autumn sun and replied “Hi”.

I don’t know how we went from a simple “Hi” to being best friends, but I believe somethings are meant to be—–and uncoincidentally I made your acquaintance just when I desperately needed a best friend. I remember going to your house in Terra Buena and you had a bunch of strange houseplants. You pointed out the different plants and told me their botanical names.  I thought “Damn, this guy is pretty smart”.  The only plant I could ID was weed. Your mom and dad were nice to me and always took the time to ask about my life and plans. I would mutterer something to them about wanting to start a rock band, or maybe the following week I was going to be a pro kickboxer. They made me feel comfortable, even though I was just a dumb teenage kid stumbling from one day to the next. In spite of my carrousel of aspirations they remained interested and encouraging.

I detected that at some level we were both undeterred outcasts chasing something neither one of us could articulate. It was hard to be that young, yet so lonely and scattered. We were both looking for our place in this big world. It was comforting to have someone like you to confide in and share my thoughts. I remember it all so well. I can’t go back in time and thank people who helped me in past, but I can send this simple letter of gratitude.

After all these years, I’m glad that we remain best of friends, although I’m still a bit scattered and lonely.