You Have Your Freedom, I Got Goodbye

Wake my soul, shake my mind

She gave me her heart, but I hid mine

Believe, what you wanna believe

Now you’ve gone, but your ghost won’t leave

You got your freedom, I got my pride

I got empty bed and a bad goodbye

You took my heart, you took my soul

Where my heart once was, now there’s a hole

Can’t take back the words I never said

I can’t fall asleep in this empty bed

So, I got up, and wrote ya down this song

I can’t change the past now that it’s gone

I can’t unbreak a heart with a song

Radio leave me alone

What I took for love was just a loan

All your songs so sad but true

About loving somebody that don’t love you

You have this song, I got my pride

You have your freedom I got goodbye

(More original songs available at  My music projects range from country/folk to spoken word jazz.

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