Stained (For the girl sitting alone at lunch in the cafeteria)

All these words spilling out of me are like garbage strewn from a broken sack that’s being dragged off by a flea-bitten mongrel dog.  But if ya look closely, with pure intentions, if ya look beyond the buzzing flies, down deep amongst the brown banana peels, wadded up tissues, shattered egg shells, festering coffee grounds and all the other discarded pieces of things too gone and too used up to be granted a second chance—-there,—- right there you’ll find me.  Sometimes you have to look past all the foul trash to find something broken yet beautiful.  Ya-see, I’m messed up, mixed up, impractical, impulsive, easily misunderstood, secretly sensitive, insecure and lost—Yes, your noble hobo, holy bum and outcast valentine.  The kind of person, that a person like you understands and is mysteriously drawn to.

Thanks for seeing things others might miss.  But don’t get too close, cause I’ll leave stains all over you.


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